Maintenance: The up keep of property. The state of being maintained!

We at PPS Inc. offer a complete array of asphalt maintenance.

Pothole or Skin Patching This is done by cleaning out and around the damaged area. We then apply a tack coat (glue) and the hot asphalt. The area is then compacted properly with a roller or place tamp.

NOTE: We try to go approximately 1 past the worst edges on the area to be patched.


This makes a nice neat patch when completed.

Remove and Replace This is done by providing a clean saw cut around the damaged area. The asphalt is then removed and hauled from the jobsite. We then apply a tack coat (glue) to the exposed asphalt edges and then install hot asphalt. The area is then properly rolled and compacted with a steel wheel roller or plate tamp.

NOTE: Depth of asphalt will vary depending on the typical traffic in the area being repaired. The base material under that existing asphalt may also have to be replaced in some scenarios.

Asphalt Overlay This is done by thoroughly cleaning the existing asphalt. We apply a tack coat to the surface and lay a new layer of hot asphalt.

The new surface layer will vary in thickness and also in the aggregate size used in new asphalt. Each job is different so many factors come into play. New surface will be properly rolled and compacted will steel wheel roller. Aggregate: Size of Rock used in asphalt material

Typical Sizes Used:

General rule of thumb with asphalt is that you should be doing 3 times your aggregate in thickness to get optimal compaction.

Sealcoating This is done by a thorough cleaning of the existing asphalt. The sealer is then applied to the surface and allowed to dry before opening. Sealer can be applied by spraying or via squeegee machine.

Additional Maintenance Items:
Cracksealing This is done by thoroughly cleaning out cracks of a certain size and filling with the crack-seal material. The majority of jobs are completed using a hot crack-seal material but cold crack-seal material can be used for some jobs.

Striping This work can be completed with just re-striping over your existing to spruce up the lot or it may be a completely new lay-out after re-paving or new construction. The re-stripe is the least expensive of the options due to the fact it entails a lot less labor to complete. This work may also include new signage, concrete parking bumpers, fire lane painting, etc.